Common Terre Haute Roofing Problems Fixed by Experts

While we’re working across Terre Haute and the greater Wabash Valley, we see our fair share of home repair needs. To help you keep your house in its best possible shape, we’ve compiled a list of 3 common Terre Haute roofing problems we’ve come across we’ve come across in our 25 years of service as a Wabash Valley roofing company.

Finding Roof Leaks

Water can cause a lot of roof damage. This issue is especially tricky because it compounds over time. Rain, snow, hail, and ice are all culprits, and other kinds of damage to your roof can make it even more vulnerable to water damage. That means finding roof leaks quickly is important.

Ponding water is one telltale sign that you’re at risk. This happens when water is trapped due to damage or other debris. An immediate concern is that water damage results in leaks, which are a clear problem. But other problems can build more slowly and need our attention as well. Mold and rot, for example, can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario. Look for these signs to tell if water is getting into your roof.

Inadequate Ventilation

One major contributor to leaks and moisture is improper ventilation. Vents should be placed along the base of the roof and near the ridge to create natural air flow. Warm air will rise naturally and exit through the top vents. In turn, cool air will be drawn out through the bottom vents, near the eaves or soffits.

Adequate ventilation ensures that moisture and temperature levels are regulated and helps your roof last. Improperly installed, blocked, or degraded ventilation can lead to heat and moisture build up, mold and mildew growth, and higher energy costs.

Roof Damage from Unwanted Guests

From birds to bats to raccoons to termites, unwanted insects and critters in your roof can quickly cause damage. Your roof might be cozy for your neighborhood squirrels, but for your family the consequences can be devastating. Critters can lead to problems like roof and home damage, electrical fires, and the spread of diseases.

Keep an eye out on known trouble spots, such as open or ajar vents, open or uncapped chimneys, gaps in fascia or soffit (which you’ll find at the end of and below rafters), or any openings in exterior layers of your home or roof.

Other Common Terre Haute Roofing Problems

Other common Terre Haute roofing problems we see include issues shrinkage and blistering, splitting and erosion of roof shingles, improperly installed flashing, penetrations in sealant and flashing (especially from wind and hail), and overhanging tree limbs.

Most of these common roof problems start out as minor. The real enemy is lack of maintenance, which turns little concerns into big ones before you know it. If you’re worried about your roof, call us out to take a look. Our team has been repairing and replacing roofs for residential and commercial buildings across Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley for two and a half decades.

Give us a call for a free estimate and let’s make sure your roof stays in great shape.