Professional home mold removal service at work

We know mold inside of your home can be scary stuff. The presence of mold drives fear into the hearts of homeowners because by the time it’s visible, it often means there’s a lot more of it lurking in places we can’t see, like behind walls, under floorboards, and beneath tile.

Tackle Mold Head On

At the first sign of mold, you might think it’s time to cut your losses and sell the place. The good news is, like any other home ownership headache, mold is treatable.

Quality home mold removal contractors are like surgeons, carefully and precisely cutting away mold while leaving as much of the unaffected area as possible in tact. To figure out your next steps, start by assessing the problem.

When to Call a Professional for Home Mold Removal Service

Every single mold sighting doesn’t necessarily demand immediate professional attention. In wet areas, like your bathroom, you may already be familiar with occasional mold or mildew. A ring of green might be hiding under that old shampoo bottle in your shower, for example. Mildew is a fungi just like mold, but it’s less invasive. It also lives only on a material’s surface (for example, bathroom tile), so it’s easier to clean.

These types of easily treatable mold or mildew can usually be handled by a bleach-based cleaner. (If you’re cleaning mold from a porous surface, try distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide instead.)

More sinister signs of mold that might indicate a larger problem include:

  • A persistent musty smell.
  • Physical symptoms that aren’t seasonal and don’t subside (including red/itchy eyes, rashes, sneezing, and a runny nose).
  • Large patches of mold on the floor, walls, or ceiling.
  • An interior area that retains moisture, is not well ventilated, or has recently flooded.
  • Wondering where mold is most likely to be lurking? Take a look at “5 Places Mold Might Be Hiding in Your Home”. One other place to keep a watchful eye on that you may not always think of is your roof. Troublesome mold on the roof can be a precursor to extensive home damage, as well as a health issue.

    Worried about mold in your home? Our experienced professionals are here to help. Give us a call today, and ask about our financing options.