spring rain falls on the roof in Terre Haute

May in Terre Haute wasn’t too wet—in fact, we had about two inches less rainfall this month than average. But that doesn’t mean a few ferocious thunderstorms won’t have an impact on your roof, no matter which season we’re in. Read on to learn more about how rain can affect what’s overhead.

Overflowing Gutters

Your gutters become filled with leaves and debris all year long, which makes it easy for them to become clogged. When your gutters are full, melting snow and rain have nowhere to go, and water ends up spilling over the sides of your gutters like a waterfall. This is why overflowing gutters are one of the leading causes of siding damage and basement flooding. The weight of all that water-logged debris can damage your roof too, especially as the gutter pulls away from where it’s attached. Regular gutter cleanings make this an easy problem to prevent.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles offer great protection against the weather’s harsh elements and do their part to keep the interior of your roof, and your home, dry. Yet high-powered winds, and even repeated heavy rainfall over time, can damage your shingles or pull them off completely. This degrades the quality of your roof and leaves you vulnerable to water damage.

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Cracked Tiles

Like shingles, roof tiles aren’t impervious to rain. A small crack from high winds, heavy rain, or hail will grow bigger over time, especially as the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold and back again. Cracks in roofing tiles allow an entry point for water, which can damage the remainder of your roof, insulation, electric wiring, and more.

Mold Growth

When water finds its way into your home through small cracks in roof tiles or from damaged or missing shingles, it can take a while to dry out. In that time, it unfortunately creates an ideal environment for mold growth. Until the issue is addressed, each time it rains the problem compounds. The sooner you can take care of damage to your roof, the less at risk you’ll be for bigger problems down the road.

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Is your roof ready to face the elements? If you need a roof inspection or repair or to learn more about how rain affects your roof , our roofing contractors in Terre Haute and the greater Wabash Valley are happy to schedule a free estimate