Certified energy efficient doors and windows are great for the environment and your wallet. These additions and other upgrades can dramatically reduce heat and energy loss in your home or business. In sunny rooms with natural lighting, they promote space heating. In warmer months, they also help keep cool air inside where it belongs. These small changes can substantially impact the costs of heating and cooling your house. Most importantly, the money you save over time makes them a great investment for the modern, energy-efficient home. Thinking about an upgrade to energy efficient windows? Single-pane window replacements can save you hundreds of dollars each year. What about those exterior doors? Those can also contribute significantly to air leakage and energy waste. Don’t forget about skylight installations and sunroom additions—two more reasons for high heating and cooling bills when they aren’t done properly. We’re your door and window experts in Terre Haute, and we’re happy to answer any questions about energy-efficient renovations. Our team of licensed experts can make your energy efficiency upgrades a reality. Rogers Home Improvement is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’ve served the Wabash Valley area for 25 years. You can trust us for your door and window replacements and installations.


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