The exterior of your home should reflect the personality of the family inside it! If you’re dealing with damaged siding after storms or other natural disasters, or if you’re simply ready to update the look of your house, our team of licensed professionals is excited to working with you. We’re your Terre Haute home siding experts.

Exterior siding is one of the first lines of defense to protect your home. When siding is damaged (such as by hail, tree branches, or high winds during a storm), it’s important to schedule a siding replacement right away. Much like your roof, since siding is exposed to the elements throughout each season, it will unfortunately begin to show some wear as the years go on regardless. Yearly maintenance, regular inspections, and as-needed siding replacement are all important for the structural and aesthetic integrity of your home.

When siding begins to deteriorate, one of the primary concerns is water infiltration, which can lead to harmful mold growth. Beyond concerns that faded, weather-worn siding can make your house look old, deteriorated siding can have big consequences for the integrity of your house, too. Don’t take the risk — call us for a free quote.

We’re committed to making sure our clients feel at ease through every step of the home repair process, and we offer a two-year workmanship guarantee on every project. While you’re making plans to replace your siding, this can be a great time to replace or repair your roof or take care of other home remodeling projects.