Walking downstairs to find a soggy basement carpet or coming home to a burst pipe is an awful surprise. Rogers Home Improvement is here to help you get dry. For 25 years, we’ve been the area’s go-to water damage restoration specialists. This means we can assist with home water damage cleanup throughout Terre Haute, the greater Wabash Valley area, and Eastern Illinois. And if you’re a business owner—we handle commercial jobs as well!

If you’re experiencing water damage in your home or business, call our 24-hour emergency line and we’ll send out our expert team to assess the damage. Whether it’s a basement flood cleanup or a commercial water damage, we’ll create an efficient, comprehensive action plan that gets your business or your house—and your life!—back to normal as soon as possible.

Flood Restoration

There are other flood damage cleanup companies in Indiana, but we’re a licensed water cleanup team that’s specially trained not only for flood damage restoration, but also to dry and repair the substructures of your house that are most affected by high-volume water damage. These structures might include plaster, drywall, concrete, wood, and metal.

After we assess the damage and complete initial water damage cleanup efforts, we’ll set up industrial drying fans and take care of any remaining cleaning, deodorizing, and removal of carpet, flooring, or drywall that may be necessary. One of our primary tasks it to prevent harmful mold growth, but unchecked water damage can also have a number of other concerning consequences, such as weakening beams and supports, rotting wood, rusting metal, and crumbling drywall and plaster.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Once we’ve finished water cleanup and dried out your space, we’ll begin repairing or rebuilding, depending on the extent of the damage. We’ll keep you in the loop and work quickly and expertly every step of the way. For added comfort, all of our jobs come with a two-year workmanship guarantee. We also offer 12 month same-as-cash and traditional installment financing options.

If water is leaking into your home or business currently, and you’re able to safely stop or shut off the water source, do so immediately. Learn more about what to do after a home flood.