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Our bathrooms might be one of the least exciting places in our homes, but they’re also fixtures in our daily routines. From our good morning teeth brushes to our nightly face washes, we spend a fair amount of time each day in one of the smallest rooms of the house. Because of its size and how it’s used, it’s also a prime spot for mold growth. Keep Terre Haute mold remediation companies out of your house with these tips.

Ventilate Properly

After a hot shower, steam needs a route for exiting the bathroom. The best ways to accommodate this are through an open window or an exhaust fan. Leave a fan running or windows open for 30-60 minutes after a shower to clear steam and avoid leaving things wet. If you don’t have these options, leave the bathroom door open and consider using an electric fan.

Wipe Down Walls

Your next investment: a squeegee. This ridiculous addition to your post-shower ritual might feel silly, but it can eliminate most of the water that lingers on tiles. Drying up the bathroom post shower helps curtail bacterial growth, which means less mold. Plus, using a squeegee is a fun way to start your morning.

Take Down Your Wallpaper, Susan

Not only is this look really dating your bathroom, it’s a trap for moisture. So is your cloth shower curtain, your bath mat, and the toilet rug your grandmother passed down to you. Couple all of this fabric with the fact that kids think anything cloth counts as a hand towel—now you’ve got a breeding ground for mold.

Reseal Tile Annually

So, you’ve replaced your wallpaper with some tile—looking good. But don’t let your hard work go to waste by forgetting to reseal annually. This ensures your tile lasts longer, and it also helps keep moisture from sneaking into your walls and creating a haven for mold.

Follow these steps to help stop bathroom mold growth before it starts. Looking for tips about keeping other ares of your home dry? Read up on how to keep your basement mold free.

If you notice any signs of mold in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home, give our team here at Rogers Home Improvement a call at 812-238-0154. We’ll help keep your home mold-free and safe for you and your family.