Trustworthy Terre Haute Roofing Companies

What makes a Terre Haute roofing company great? What distinguishes the cream of the crop from all the rest? And how can you make sure you’re hiring the best roofing company for your job?

We’ve been in the roofing repair and replacement business for a long time, and we’ve had the opportunity of listening to the many home and business owners we’ve served. What we’ve heard is that a lot of homeowners find it overwhelming to choose the right roofing company.

How to Identify Excellent Terre Haute Roofing Companies

There are four key signs of a great roofing company that should be on your radar. Look for these hallmarks when you’re choosing who to work with. Start by paying attention to the perfect mix of integrity and experience.


Integrity is a crucial trait in business and in life, but what does it really mean? It means having character and possessing a strong moral compass. So, for service-based businesses, that means a company that’s not just out to make a quick buck at your expense. A great roofing company, for instance, treats people with respect, acts honorably, and conducts business in an upfront manner.

A company with integrity is straightforward. They’ll be upfront if they can’t help you and will direct you to a better solution for your needs if one is available. They’ll be clear about how long your work will take, and if they commit to a specific timeframe, they’ll make every effort to ensure the work gets completed within that estimate. They don’t bury customers with endless scope changes and budget increases. And most of all, they stand by their work.


Honesty is a great starting point, but it’s not enough on its own. The most honest roofing company in the world may still not be the right choice for you if it doesn’t have the experience required to fix your roof properly. Experience is the best teacher, after all, and specific experience is even better. For example, Rogers Home Improvement has 25 years of experience working on roofing and home improvement projects in the Terre Haute and greater Wabash Valley area. We know the particular stressors and challenges that different kinds of roofing in our area face throughout the seasons.

All other factors being equal, most of us intuitively prefer the more experienced company or individual. That’s because experience allows us to dive deep into the intricacies of our craft.

In our case, we get to learn the fine details about roofs, roofing materials, how weather impacts different types of construction, and all the ins and outs of various repair and replacement options.

Roots Matter

Here’s why community and local recommendations carry such heavy weight when it comes to picking an Indiana roofing contractor you can trust.


Whether a company has served a particular community for ten years or ten weeks, great roofing companies have put down roots in the local community, no matter where they call home.

For reasons that are probably obvious, fly-by-night companies are a real hazard in the roofing industry. They seem to arrive in a specific neighborhood immediately following some kind of natural disaster—hailstorms, for example, or strong winds and thunderstorms. They often don’t have the proper certifications and licenses, and may well do shoddy work that can even turn dangerous when the next storm rolls through. Meanwhile, when the bad repair job eventually falls apart, you’ll find that shady company is no longer around, and you have little to no recourse. You’ve been scammed. Unfortunately, we see stories like this in the news at least once or twice every year.

However, being part of a community is more than simply sticking around for a few years. As a matter of fact, a real member of the community participates in the life of that community. We’re proud to be a part of the Terre Haute and Greater Wabash Valley community, and we’ve worked hard to be a good neighbor here for over 25 years.

The Power of a Good Word

Great roofing companies leave happy customers behind them. That’s why asking around locally for references can be one of the best ways to find a trustworthy contractor. Start by making a list of homes or businesses around your neighborhood with a quality or aesthetic you like. Then ask your co-workers, friends, and neighbors who they used for their last project.

Looking for Outstanding Terre Haute Roofing Companies?

We know how hard it is to locate reliable roofing contractors in Terre Haute, Indiana. If your roof needs repair or replacement, give Rogers Home Improvement a call. We’ve got over 25 years of experience in the Terre Haute community with a solid track record of helping area home and business owners. We stand by all of our work with a two-year guarantee, and we can even help you finance the work your roof requires.

Need a great roofing company? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to come out for a free estimate on your latest project.